14 April 2014

Storing Up Oxford

A life of ease is a difficult pursuit.
- William Cowper

Being in Oxford fills me to the brim with sights and sources of inspiration. It is like a vacation of research. Storing up all the literary, architectural, cultural, and nature inspiration to last me for a while until I get to go back. I am taking up all these memories, visions, and experiences of places in this amazing city for use later when I am back in the states.

I feel like I have so many notes of appreciation in my head that it could fill my whole journal.

Darkness has fallen again over Oxford. Looking out my window in my room, I see a window in the building on the edge of the quad lit. The chimney stacks raise up above the roof line. The wind is howling through my window. The sky is a steady grey.

Tom Tower is ringing now- at 9:05 PM, it is ringing 101 times for each original college member at foundation. I am getting so accustomed to this bell, and I love how the traditions are kept alive like that.

Oxford keeps charming me- again and again. Even though today was rather crowded (the weekend) around the shops and main sights, I barely noticed. Every group that passes me speaks in foreign languages. It is crazy how many visit from all over the world. This is a touristy city, at certain places, but it gets quiet here as they all go away. Plus, all the back streets stay pretty quiet.

I am enchanted by Oxford. I am thankful for every moment spent here and love so much that I took a long holiday here.

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