04 April 2014

Door Wonderland

And when I found the door was locked,
I pulled and pushed and kicked and knocked.

And when I found the door was shut.
I tried to turn the handle, but -

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

 Brasenose College door on Radcliffe Square
 Hertford College Gate off Radcliffe Square
 The doors leading off the old quad at the Bodleian Library all have the old Latin subjects atop each door. This would have been the door into the philosophy lecture room of the library. Now it is a exhibit room.
 Door of the Divinity School, designed by Christopher Wren (who also designed St. Paul's Cathedral, Sheldonian Theatre, and Tom Tower, here in Christ Church College)
 Main gate of New College. This is the original oak door, more than 600 years old
 Entrance to St. Edmund's Hall
 Door in the cloisters in Christ Church College. Classic Norman archway details.
A door in St. John's College's Front Quad
 Beautifully ornate main gate of Merton College, completed in the 1460s. One of the oldest colleges, founded in 1264.
I think this is my favourite door so far, even though it is not grand. At Merton College. The grey hue and lovely carvings against the stone is so beautiful.

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