18 September 2014

Adventurously Expectant

This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life.
It's adventurously expectant.
- Romans 8.15

I am feeling adventurous today. Like I can go off and climb a mountain and even fight a dragon along the way. Like I can step outside a jump up to touch the moon. I feel like there could be something waiting just outside that might lead me to step into another world full of wonder on a deeper level. It just means that my imagination is roaming and venturing out of the regular dullness that could be this moment. What other realm could be open now?

Of course, the tales of George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis are what occupy my thoughts. Narnia, or the moody world from Lilith. A world with grass that seems more real, trees that seem to breathe, and a sky that changes colour with the mood of the Maker. Sometimes it is the way we see things in our everyday. Imagination like a book set open.

I could wander these lands for a long while, through story so engrossing it becomes a live vision of your mind. A beauty that doesn't fade after a while, but that keeps its steady shine over the ages because it is not of this place. It is something deeper, more wonderful. Today, I am wonder-filled.

There is an adventure waiting just around the corner, or just over that hill.

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