12 September 2014

Pretending It Is Autumn

It smells like vanilla chai in here. Like Autumn. I'm going to go ahead and pretend it is Autumn. I am going to pretend that the candle lit is to add warmth to the atmosphere because it's not warm enough. I am going to pretend that my feet need to stay warm, so I better wear some short boots. And I am going to pretend, even when I walk outside, that the piles of wood stacked in my neighbor's yard are for the nightly fires we all need in our fireplaces to keep our evenings cosy.

I cannot help myself. The Autumn season that is approaching is what stirs my soul into excitement after such a long Summer. It's not here yet, but I know that one day in the next few months it is possible that the temperatures could drop.

After all, it is only proper to think of six impossible things before breakfast (according to the white queen in The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland) and I am actually thinking of possible things, even though it would more likely to snow in the hot desert in July than get chilly here so soon. But one can dream, can't she?

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