17 September 2014

Broad Street, Oxford

The Gothic looks solemn,
The plain Doric column
Supports an old Bishop and Crozier;
The mouldering arch,
Shaded o'er by a larch
Stands next door to Wilson the Hosier.
c.1817: John Keats

I was just perusing my draft posts and stumbled upon this one, from 2011. It's been tucked away in the dark realm of blog drafts for three years! I had all the photos loaded, and even the quote, but no words of my own. It was just out there waiting for some words to be put to the lovely, late afternoon sunlit walk in Oxford.  I don't remember why I chose this quote other than I think I read that John Keats was writing about Oxford. These cell phone photos (courtesy of my phone from the age of the dinosaurs) look grainy and lack the clarity I prefer in my photos. Thank goodness I have an iPhone now. 

But as I scrolled through these images my imagination was invigorated again, with aches to be walking along Broad Street. All these photos were taken walking from Cornmarket Street down Broad Street, passing by Trinity College, the Clarendon Building (which the the original location of the Oxford University Press in 1715 and is now part of the Bodleian Library), the Sheldonian Theatre, Blackwell's Bookshop, and the corner of Broad Street and Catte Street.

Ahhh, to walk this street again soon would be such a delight....

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