08 September 2014

Rainy Thoughts....

Ahhh, my dreams are lofty today. The grey clouds reach down into my mind, cascading the dim light into my thoughts. The air is still, so my thoughts dwell on the same thing for there is no wind to stir them up. Then, as a swift wind comes through the area, the rain begins.

As the rain falls this afternoon in a usual thunderstorm, I watch how it rolls off the rooftops into a waterfall to collect on the ground below, eagerly soaking it up. My home is quickly drawn into the dark as the storm grew out of nowhere. Just the Summer heat to fuel its fire.

The problem with our afternoon rainstorms is they don't last but for a short time. Sometimes even mere minutes. I want a good rain to last hours so that I can reap all the cosy benefits of it and the cooling of the air. When the wind dies down and the constant heavy rain falls straight down, that is the storm at its best.

Today, the storm lingers and gives me exactly what I wanted. Heavy raindrops fall fast and the intensity increases with some added thunder for good measure. I go about finishing some afternoon chores and starting to make dinner with the soundtrack of the glorious rain all around my home.

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