15 September 2014

One Sunday Afternoon


One Sunday afternoon I was forced out of my yard so my landlord could mow the lawn. It's crazy how tall weeds can get, and how quickly they grow. They were up to my knees.

So, I headed out on a hot afternoon to Starbucks for an iced soy chai latte and then for a little drive. I found myself at Florida Southern, my old familiar college, and parked in front of the chapels.

Their sturdy concrete block structures seemed to withstand the blazing heat from the sun, somehow. How were they not melting? I wondered. Big, soft looking clouds rise above the buildings, and I wished for those clouds to bring some rain.

It is funny because I love Florida Southern and the architecture; here is the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on one site in the world. And I forget how close I live to it all. Literally, about four streets away. So, on a forced afternoon coffee break, I come here to kill some time whilst my grass is being cut.

I look at it as an extra dose of atmosphere. The chance to drive around campus a little bit thinking back to my college days, but now, nobody is around. The campus is resting. Quiet. No roaming students passing under the esplanades.
It is Sunday, after all.

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