05 September 2014

On the Edge

I stand on the edge
of some precipice,
dwelling amidst uncertainty.
The day swells with inklings
of the good
pouring over into questions.
Another step closer;
about to dive in;
Letting the air catch me
and then sink into
all the unanswered questions.

We're always on the edge of something, aren't we? Awaiting an answer. Waiting for the bend in the road. Anticipating something to come to pass. We are all part of a big, beautiful plan that is much larger than is possibly imaginable, so don't worry. Your part is small, but important, and you will do it marvelously.

The life we are living is really quite amazing. We have so much to be thankful for in the everyday, even if we are waiting on the edge of something. Something big and exciting is on the horizon. Everything we are doing now is prepping us for it. The goodness that is coming.

This day we are in is really quite important. For we can make the best of whatever we are given, whether it be in abundance or not, and we keep close watch over it. We make the choice each day to be satisfied with all that we have, or become bitter in wishing for what the world tells us is important.

This moment here and now is really quite precious for it doesn't come around again and it won't repeat itself. Rejoice in the sweet moments. The quiet moments. The thoughtful moments. The moments that make you laugh. The moments that make you feel special. Take them all in, and treasure them in your heart.

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