19 September 2014

The Charm of Rain

I cannot help myself. A good full day of rainy drizzly weather and overcast grey clouds is so enjoyable to me. I am not one who needs perpetual sunshine and clear skies to be cheerful about the weather. I really think I might have a Winter gene in me.

I know I know. Most of you pine for the sunshine if we have a day of rain, but I relish the day of rain.
It's best when you wake up to the pitter patter of rain on your windows. Sure, it does tempt me to stay in bed, but eventually when my mind is too awake to even consider going back to sleep I will emerge from my cosy white sheets and grey quilt and take a morning stroll around my tiny place, listening to the rain fall all around.

It's a comfort. The sound of the soft, steady rain.

Then, I will get some coffee brewing. The steam will rise from my mug. And musings will follow.

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