02 September 2014

Welcome, September!

Hello September! This month always gets me excited for what is to come. Things don't change yet, but I know they are on the horizon. The seasons that are my favourite are to come - Autumn and Winter.

As I see glimpses of seasons changing in other places before us, and as everyone goes back to school, I started thinking about why I blog. Because it's not something I have to do. But I love it.

It's not about fame or followers.
It has nothing to do with receiving recognition.
In fact, I used to think my writing wasn't worthy of being shared.
Until I realized that perhaps the thing I love so dearly and need to do as much as I need to breathe, was something that was given to me to share with others.

It took me a little while to realize that the things I write matter. It matters because I am God-made and He has placed His likeness in me. Pieces of what we all are, in fact, or tiny glimpses of what God has in store.

That is, indeed, why what we do matters. Each of us has certain talents that drive us. That excite us. That we know means something. You might be particularly good at something -- drawing, running, crafting, teaching, writing. You might a genius with technology. You might be able to build and construct amazing things. You might be a spectacular cook. Or you might be the best parent a child could ask for.

And you might not even think yourself great at these things, but you don't see how much you shine. But I do. And more importantly, God does. And when you receive recognition or praise, and you immediately acknowledge that it is possible through God, the direction of the praise goes upwards, exactly where it's supposed to go. And when we thank others for sharing their talent, we are thanking God, who is the giver of all talents. 

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