06 May 2014

A Thousand Thousand Thanks

A thousand thousand thanks
for the truth so evident
in the presence of good
talks, and how much of
God's love is floating
all about those moments.

With comforting vibes and thoughtful talks, my heart is warmed. I feel the sense of other-worldliness is at play sometimes. Things that never could be orchestrated by human insights come to pass and I stand awestruck in His presence (which is everywhere we stand and breathe).

His presence is all around at all times, and yet when people close to Him gather, the air is thicker with His presence. A beautiful atmosphere that grows deeper in fellowship by simply sharing the most precious gift we have here on earth - time.

A cup of tea is poured. A cloth napkin folded. Laughter is spread, even more than jam on toast. Stories are shared. Dreams are explored. Imaginations meld together to form cohesive ideas. Strawberries stain china plates as the conversation lingers. Tea cups sit in their saucers, once full of tea, now remnants of goodness shared with others.

The beautiful presence of time well spent.

There is no replacement for it. And no substitute.

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