27 May 2014

Glimpses of a Weekend

 A long weekend calls for a little getaway, so down to Venice I went. I know a lot of people hate packing, but I don't mind it too much. Since it is just me, I can pack pretty light. And in the Summertime, a sun hat is a must!
 We attended a surprise retirement party for a high school science teacher I've known most of my life and was in his class. I loved the creative decorations. Science books, beakers filled with flowers, and test tubes filled with Smarties. It was fun to see people I haven't seen in a while.
 And my darling baby niece provided much entertainment. Why is everything she does so cute? She is walking all over the place, and pointing at everything. She will point at you and say something in her baby language. And all you can do is smile at her.
Found this in my brother's room. Turns out my younger brother set this up in my oldest brother's room before he moved to California. We jokingly call my oldest brother "Big Bird".  It kind of warmed my heart.
 Back at home. Getting down to business. 
Spent Memorial Day wearing American colours and doing lots of work around my home. Cleaning, laundry, organizing. You understand. And gosh it's hot outside.

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