14 May 2014

Prayer Pause

You are so good.

Worthy of all my praise. Worthy of a constant flow of praise from me, and all creation.

Walking through my every day with you by my side is the only way to truly live. Without You there is no life. Your plans are perfect. Mine are flawed. I cannot doubt You, nor should I worry or distress if my plans do not come to fruition. You have something even better in store.

Your love is like a sweet Spring walk, the most pleasant of all. Full of vibrant colours and reminders that You make all things new.

I am putting You in charge, Lord. You take all my fear, worry, doubt, and lack of confidence and You give me the strengths that I need. With constant reminders every day, I see pieces of Your plans unfold, and it is full of goodness. Thank You, Lord, for so much goodness and for protection from the evil that tries to creep in.

All glory and honour goes to You, Lord, now and forever always. Amen.

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