29 May 2014

Summer Heat and Naps

A stillness finally settles
on a room covered in relics
of a darling baby.
The only movement now
is the gentle sway of sheer
curtains in this room.
Studying the light as it slices
through the transparency
and becomes my companion
as the household rests.
All is quiet and still
inside and outside;
the heat provokes siestas
and we all partake.

I wrote these little lines while visiting in Venice. The mornings started hot each day so there was nowhere for the temperatures to go but up. Spending time indoors was essential.

My days have been full of books books books, and studying light. The bright light that has filled our days. These early Summer days.

The heat lately has been ever-present, with no relief from cooling rains. Clouds come by and linger, causing us to imagine the possibility. We are teased. The cloud cover is welcomed. The ground remains dry.

Afternoons linger and siestas seem so appropriate. Summer. It lasts for six or seven months or more. The melancholy air feels heavy. Solution? It is time to retreat to a cool spot and read poetry with a bottle of sparkling Perrier in one hand.

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