23 May 2014

Long Weekend

Long weekends are for:

- Sleeping in a little bit
- Visiting with loved ones and friends
- Road trips
- Sight seeing and acting like a tourist
- Traffic jams
- Pulling out the old camera and practicing with the manual settings
- An extra cup of coffee
- Cooking English breakfast
- Many hours of reading in a cozy chair
- Visiting the beach and ending up with sandy shoes
- Getting hugs from baby niece
- Listening and pondering
- Breathing and taking in some silence
- Reading Psalms
- Thrifting
- Blooming flowers
- Sitting at a coffee shop
- Sunny skies and shifting clouds
- Straw fedoras
- Salads and fruit
- Time spent around the dining table
- Shopping with Mum
- Afternoon naps
- Sunlight coming through lacy curtains
- The scent of coffee and books
- Good conversations
- Daydreaming about travel adventures
- Writing in various locations
- Some good tunes - if you need a road trip soundtrack, HERE is one for you.

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