05 May 2014

Coffee, Rain, and a Birthday

 A good weekend begins with some good coffee, a pen, and pages to fill in my journal. That is exactly what I did this weekend.
 A few rainy days sure didn't get me down. I love a good rainy day. Especially when it is a a fairly light rain that doesn't hinder me from running some fun errands. Plus, our earth is parched. We really needed the rain.
See this ottoman? It has been my "coffee table" for many years. I've never had a real coffee table. But a big project happened this weekend! I will be sharing more soon. I am so excited!
My brother's birthday was Sunday, and I invited him, Samantha, and Elliott over for breakfast/brunch. I think they all enjoyed the English breakfast, and it was delightful to have them over. Ellie ate, walked all around my tiny home with excitement and laughter, played my piano, and smelled all my flowers.
I bought a tiny little succulent.  I love succulents and cacti. They are plants that I can easily take care of! I have never been one to have many plants because I don't know how to take care of them, but I have been hooked on these kinds of plants. I am considering planting it in this teacup that has a crack in the bottom (so it cannot be used for tea). What do you think?

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