13 May 2014

Music Notes

I've been exploring new music from some musicians I like and thought I would share some of it! I am one who doesn't listen to the radio, or popular music so anytime someone mentions some new popular artist, I am usually clueless. I am always on the look out for new music, or old music I haven't heard yet and I appreciate creativity in a musical sense.

Nickel Creek
Nickel Creek decided to part ways 7 years ago but came back! I went to two or three concerts with my brother Jason, back when they were a band on tour, and they are so entertaining and such talented musicians. I am a huge fan of Chris Thile the mandolin player, who plays classical Bach from memory and also plays the best bluegrass I've ever heard. The other two, Sean and Sara, are brother and sister, and talented in their own right. Their perfect harmonies are irresistible. Anyway, the group released a new album! So eager to get this one.

Click HERE for one of their songs "Rest of My Life"
And if you want to hear Chris play Bach click HERE.

Future of Forestry
When I discovered Future of Forestry and learned that the name came from a C.S.Lewis poem by the same name, I was hooked. The music is creative, interweaving electronic instruments, strings, and piano beautifully, especially in this new piano and strings session that just came out (and I will definitely want). I really appreciate the thoughtful lyrics and beautiful arrangements of the songs.

Click HERE for the song "All I Want"

Jeremy Casella
One song that has resonated with me this past week is this new song by Jeremy Casella. I would really like to buy his new album "Death in Reverse". The Rabbit Room posted this song, and it is what I have come to like about his music. I met Jeremy back when I was in college, when he opened for Caedmon's Call on campus. My friend recruited me to work the merchandise table all evening. Jeremy came out to stand behind the merchandise table and meet people after the show when everyone was buying CDs and tee shirts. I stood next to Jeremy at the table and I was the only one helping him (out of the other people working the tables) so I ended up talking with him quite a lot. At the end of the evening he gave me his two CDs as a thank you for the help at the table.
Anyway, his words and his musicality put into song have a dreamy ethereal sound. He has a way of repeating phrases (almost like a meditative chant) that sticks with my heart as it sings that through the day. The reminders through repeating truth so our hearts remember it:

Yet arise my soul
             You're not alone

Give me deep, meaningful words and some meditative phrases and the song is on my repeat list, as this one is.

Be still
     Be still....

Click HERE for the song "Letter from an Old Friend"

The DuPree family is so musically talented. This is a group of a brother, sister, and cousin, but all the other siblings are busy being part of Eisley or Sucre. Christie, the singer has such a lovely, smooth voice and the songs are sweet and simple, which kind of makes me think of old fashioned things I like so much. They have a new album out, too, and I like every song I have heard.

Click HERE for the song "Backwards"

P.S. I have been working to freshen up the old blog (did you know that I have over 800 posts? It is an old blog, and I haven't made any dramatic changes to the look since its beginnings!), so don't be alarmed by the changes!

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