02 May 2014

Rugs, Flowers, and other Charming Things

Lately, I have been....

Making: a woven rug out of three king size bed sheets. I am a first time rug maker!

Reading in hand: Unfinished Tales by J.R.R. Tolkien

Reading online: This beautifully written blog post, called "Rain" on the Art House America blog- HERE

Wearing: a thrifted dress that has become one of my new favourites, and oxfords. Call me old-fashioned. I kind of dress like I live in some bygone era. 

Drinking: Sparkling Perrier (always)

Smelling: The most beautiful garden roses given to me by my boss and his wife.

Cherishing: All the little moments of joy my baby niece brings to me (and everyone she meets!)

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