20 May 2014

Beautiful Variety

Turl Street Kitchen, Oxford

We are a variety of people. None of us is the same as the other. It makes life interesting and difficult at the same time because while differences bring out the creative nature, it also makes it more challenging for us to understand one another.

I love being different from most everyone else, and yet that kind of isolates me and sometimes instigates the feeling of being the only one who enjoys things I do. And sometimes it feels like there is nobody around to talk to who is in the same boat as me. That is our struggle as humans, though. It is not just subject to me, or you. I bet everyone feels that from time to time.

Our differences are what make our lives colourful and full of creativity. It gives us an edge to think in new ways or to listen to others as they explain their thought process. It expands our own horizons.

If we were all the same in our pursuits, passions, and skills we would be missing the beauty that is the myriad of God's creation.

Instead, we are a lovely tiled mosaic and multi-coloured array of unique pieces. We may feel broken and scuffed up, but when your piece is placed among the others it becomes something even more beautiful as a whole because its individual charm adds to the body of work.

This is why what we do, what we love, and what we say matters. It is part of the big picture and even if we think our part is tiny it has a perfect place in the grand plan.

God is the tile maker, the ultimate designer, the colour coordinator, and He doesn't make mistakes.
Isn't that grand?

It's not a mistake that you are who you are and you love what you do.
It's a beautiful thing to embrace what God ingrained in you.

You make the whole scene lovelier. 

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