19 May 2014

Last Burst of Spring

For the last couple of days I have been in disbelief. Here we are, in the latter part of May minding our own business when a storm system rolled through the area leaving behind the most pleasant of gifts -- cooler air and less humidity! I can scarcely believe it except that I was outside experiencing it.

It was so exciting to come out into my living room the other morning and turn OFF my A/C. What a joy! In late May? That is unheard of. But it will only last a day or two, so it is to be savored. So, I sat there with a cup of coffee, enjoying the silence and chill in my place without the A/C running. Ahhh, I love it.

I pulled out my old Minolta SRT200 camera and loaded it with some new film. It's 100 speed film and I cannot wait to see how some practice photos turn out. I ventured outside where it was sunny and enjoyable to take a few photos in my yard.
When I stepped outside, I said hello to my back alley neighbor. My neighbor said he was enjoying this "last burst of Spring". I agreed with him. It felt delightful compared to the norm at this time of year.

The afternoon lingers. Light isn't fading quickly, but the sun stays high in the sky, fooling me into thinking it is earlier than it is. My sock-adorned feet pause in the warm shaft of sunlight dazzling on the wood floor. This last burst of Spring is reminding me of the long days of Summer that are coming. The sun-soaked days, hot and heavy with humid air. The sweltering breezes that kick up in the afternoon. The sultry nights that fade slowly. I want to capture this Spring day and save it for later.

The blooms of Spring and Summer are abundant, like the Plumbago, who can take the heat and humidity and still look lovely. A cheerful purple flower. These are a favourite in my yard that I sometimes cut to bring inside.

Being outside this weekend was lovely! I took every chance I could get. I hope you did too.

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