24 September 2013

Bright Side

Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
- Psalm 90.14

Sometimes when it is the hardest to look at the bright side is when I want and need to look at the bright side the most. I almost crave something bright against a dark place. When we face trials of any kind we are to count it as joy, which sounds rather strange, right? But by facing and getting through such trials, our character benefits and our trust grows in God's words that He truly wants what is best for us.

Our willingness to hand it over to God begins the clearing of the fog. It is not by our own strength alone that we make it through a dark time.

God tells us that He will never abandon us. Once I remind myself of this fact, no situation I am in seems that daunting anymore. The stress and worry fizzle out and I open myself to God and His strength and omnipotence. I cannot go wrong if I leave it all up to Him.

And I can relax and enjoy a sunset.
Rest and be here, in His arms.
And wake up refreshed.

We need rest, but God does not. Let Him do what He chooses. Let Him be the potter and you be the clay.

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