23 September 2013

Outdoor Orchestra

It was the perfect evening for an outdoor orchestra concert at Lake Mirror. The Imperial Orchestra gave an all strings performance. As it began at 6 the sun was still high in the sky, but it sank in the next hour, and cooled the air nicely. I am so glad my city held an event like this! This is the kind of thing I crave. Talented musicians, great location, free event, gathering of many people. Not to mention the classical pieces that were played. They played one of my favourites by J.S.Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.

Emily and I sat on her lovely homemade quilt on the soft grass by Hollis Garden. We got to catch-up as we listened to lovely music. We should have brought some picnic fare, but neither of us thought of gathering food to bring (and I think we both needed to go grocery shopping too). I took photos using my new (circa 1975) camera to test it in a myriad of lighting as the sun dropped in the sky.

This town should have more of these orchestra events! By the second hour of the performance, the lawn was packed with people. I will gladly be in the audience to enjoy such an event.

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