11 September 2013


May he grant you your desire and fulfill all your plans! - Psalm 20.4

This is a photo of my landlord's hand-drawn plans to build some pavers and walkways where I park my car next to my home. They are neat, tidy, and detailed. And they show me that he has plans for improving the quality of my living quarters.

You know God has good plans for you, right? Do you really believe that? Or do you think it's all a trick?
The difficulty with being human is that we only deal with other humans, who lie, cheat, fail, falter, and hurt others. We are always coming across people who take advantage and do not tell the truth. To protect ourselves we have had to put up a shield to deflect those kinds of falsities that fly in our direction. Sadly, though, that tends to rub off in the way we view God. We don't easily trust Him completely.

The crucial factor in this is whether the desire we have is something you just want, or if it is a desire that God placed in you. The point is opening yourself up to God, including all your plans and desires, so that God can give you the desires of your heart.

It is amazing how your priorities change when you give God everything. When you realize that everything is His anyway. There was nothing to give Him except your feeling of control. It is only then that you will truly know the desires of your heart. And then there is plenty of room for God's plans to move forward.

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