27 September 2013

I Wish......

I wish....I was standing here at the tea bar at Oxford Exchange in Tampa, waiting for my Lavender Fog (in the photo the far gray cup and the steeping tea next to it) like I was when I took this photo. It is the perfect drink. Earl Grey, Lavender, Soy Milk, and Vanilla. 
I wish....the stairs to my apartment were this cool. This is Emily's stair garden (she lives next door) and I am super jealous of her awesome gathering of potted plants, cacti, and herbs.  She is a gardener and I have much to learn.
I wish....I had an endless supply of travel coffee mugs, because mine always break, or leak, or something. I am down to this old one that my Mom found at the house, which I bought in high school and must not have used very much. But now it is leaking. So, anyone know of a good travel mug?
I wish....Autumn would hurry up and get here! Gosh it's still hot here! And we haven't had that first feel of Autumn yet. We have had some pretty days, but they are still very hot. I'm waiting....

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