03 September 2013

Remind Me What Day It Is

How was your long weekend? Hopefully you had Labor Day off. I will guarantee you that all day today I will be thinking it is Monday. It is what happens after a busy weekend out of town. I come back and my mind becomes a-jumble with the days. I will say something about tomorrow, thinking tomorrow is Tuesday, when today is Tuesday. And I will say "today" like it is Monday, but Monday has already happened and I am referring to a past day in the present. Watch out. If you talk with me today I may just confuse you.

Anyway, being in Venice this weekend presented the perfect excuse to bring baby Ellie to the beach to test the waters. She likes water, and she was enjoying it. My niece is the sweetest, cutest baby and such a joy to watch. This is the time I like to go to the beach. The sun is low (in our case, behind clouds) and the breeze isn't hot. Walking on the sand doesn't burn your feet, but it feels cool to the touch. The crowds are gone. No sunburns. No crowds. Lovely.

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