16 September 2013

Weekend Bits

 I have wanted to read some Dorothy Sayers ever since I heard of her. So when I saw this at the library, I snatched it up. Dorothy was living in Oxford the time when C.S. Lewis was and he admired her and her writings, which is quite a compliment since he mostly associated himself with other men. I enjoyed these essays, and would like to read some more of her writings.
 I bought some tangelo oranges, which are my favourite because they are so juicy. So, it only made sense to make a little fresh-squeezed orange juice. Yum.

I have a new toy! A really nice, vintage camera from 1975. A Minolta SR-T 200. At last, something I have been wanting for many years, is a vintage 35 MM film camera. Now it's my chance to learn how to take good, manual photographs. Thanks to my amazing landlord, who decided to give this to me, plus all the accessories! I cannot wait to get some film and start shooting!
Just driving down my alley on my way to church. It was a hot hot weekend. I heard rumors of cooler weather up north...and I got really jealous. No relief here yet.

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