12 September 2013

Pull Up a Cozy Chair

I have a treat for you today, if you happen to like C.S. Lewis and have an hour to listen in.

I love when I stumble across something on a favourite author. This video was something I found a few nights ago and, as with everything dealing with C.S. Lewis, I enjoyed the talk thoroughly. It is given by the Professor at King's College in London, Alister McGrath, who recently wrote a new biography on C.S. Lewis. I am quite interested in reading it, so I am adding it to my list of books to read.

So, pull up a cozy chair, brew a cup of tea or coffee, and listen in on a talk given at St. Paul's Cathedral.

C.S. Lewis- Reluctant Prophet: Professor Alister McGrath
Click HERE for the video.


  1. Can't wait to check out this video. And maybe we can read McGrath's biography next?

    1. It's a treat! Yes! That's a great idea- we should.