25 September 2013

I Will See You Again

So also you have sorrow now,
but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice,
and no one will take your joy from you.
- John 16.22

We are all part of a great story and each piece we are a part of matters deeply. That is why death feels so wrong to us. We feel there are still stories to tell. Death cuts short the story we thought meant to be longer.

In the case of losing my Dad four years ago today, this concept couldn't ring more true. His was a story of the most humble man, proud Dad, and loving person. He would talk with you for hours, telling stories. The fact is, there were so many stories left to tell, so many events to be shared, and it was cut way too short. In my eyes, and in your eyes about anyone dear you have lost, my Dad's story was meant to be longer than it was.

And yet it is.

There is a part of the story that has not happened yet. There was a new beginning that already started when he left us. For what we see here on earth is only a small taste of what is to come. And it is even better than we can imagine. But our stories here matter deeply to us, as they should, which means that in heaven these things will have a part to play in that great story.

Emily Dickinson raises the question and wonderment of what is to come, which we cannot answer. But we can all hope for what we cannot yet see, with the faith in what we know to be true.

I reason, earth is short,
And anguish absolute.
And many hurt;
But what of that?

I reason, we could die:
The best vitality
Cannot excel decay;
But what of that?

I reason that in heaven
Somehow, it will be even,
Some new equation given
But what of that?

-Emily Dickinson

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