06 January 2014

Crescent Moon

I can see the perfectly shaped bowl of a crescent moon through the sheer white curtains in my living room. As I move close to the window and move the curtain aside, I can see it clearly at the treetops. A hazy glow sets about it. Sitting aloft on its own, floating, skimming the trees as it shifts in the sky every minute.

The moon sitting bright, against the dark and mild night. But changes are coming. The coldest air we have experienced here in a long while is rushing south from the north. Pure Arctic air. I am excited. I am also glad to find out that my heat works, in my unit in my living room. So that is good. I won't freeze.

The bowl moon sits comfortably on the top of the trees from my perspective in my living room.
It looks kind of spooky. Like an Autumn night, with blustery winds and leaves raining down from trees. Bringing in cold air.
But we aren't there yet. The cold blustery day is coming. The moon is a foreshadow.

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