24 January 2014

Moments Captured

It has been a long while since I have done any star gazing, but as I pulled into my home the other night and saw the vast blackness above with the brightest glittering stars, I ached to reminisce again with my old friends Rigel, Betelgeuse, and Orion's belt. The sky was so perfectly clear. Not a speck of haze or cloud. How could I not take notice?

The days lately have been perfect Winter days. Starting off around 35 degrees with the utmost blue sky that goes on and on without a break. This leaves the evenings with glows in the clear sky that jump out. As you gaze upward, don't forget that stars flicker, and planets do not.

Days are flying by so quickly. Is that what happens as we get older? When you are a child it seems like endless hours of amusement go on and on. I suppose when the responsibilities hit it all starts from there to go down the spinning tunnel of time that belongs to other things - work, chores, grown-up things.

That is why I am practicing embracing moments that capture me. Sometimes I take an extra few seconds to appreciate something, like that evening's splendid starry sky. I stood on my steps outside my place, cold for a few moments, pondering how long it took the red light of the star Betelgeuse to reach us, or how bright blue the shimmer of the star Rigel is.

I don't want to miss the beauties of nature, no matter how busy my day may be, and lately my days have been very full.

I think that is why I like taking photos so much. Taking photos makes you look at your surroundings and forces you to find the beauty or interesting angle on a possibly mundane scene. I like to try to capture a snapshot of a scene that may be missed by others. It might be big and dominating like a mountain range, or it could be small and everyday like a shaft of light casting a lovely glow in my office.

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