29 January 2014

Grey Day

Deepening night,
carry with you the moments
of the day
both good and bad
it is all away,
setting with the sun
until the next first light.

Darkening day
it is a long way until
the sun comes back
from these toiled thinking hours,
right on track
is the darkness falling
until we pass through it -- then day!

I like watching night fall, even on a damp evening such as this, with the ground wet and the rooftops darkened by the rain that fell earlier. The sky has chunks of deep grey clouds surrounded by layers of light grey, and some clearing spaces in between where the last bit of sunlight filters through subtly.

I don't mind a grey day. It puts to mind many good things such as finding a cozy space to think. Ideas brewing. A cup of tea steaming. A book on my lap. And to me, it is an ideal time to take a walk (just as long as it doesn't rain).

And for those of you who detest grey days and love the sun, just think, if it weren't for a few grey days here and there, you would not appreciate your sunny days so much! You, perhaps, would take them for granted because there were always there. And the same goes for me, in my appreciation of a grey day.

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