30 January 2014

How I Feel About Winter

Like a beautiful sun shone image
the sky drapes over us
On this frigid, frosty, fleeting day
perfected in constant blue
contained not only in a hue
is this multi-houred chill.
Bustling outside it is a quick walk
since the air feels icy
but so clean, clear, crystal.
There's nothing like Winter air
You shiver, but do not really care

It was a beautiful day here in St. Louis. And frigid. At least from my perspective of a Florida girl. 13 degrees with a feels like temperature of -4. That's cold! But I love experiencing the different weather. It is exciting and invigorating, to me. Of course, I am not outside for very long. One cannot be outside much when it is this cold!

This trip is for work, so I am mostly inside our corporate office in training all day. But the weekend will be a bit different because we all move downtown. I will get to see some more of St. Louis that way! I am excited. It is really hard for me to be in a city I am not familiar with and not get to explore and see the sights. So I am excited to move downtown on Friday.

It is funny how the northerners from this area or further north treat this cold air. Those who came from further north places (like Minneapolis or Indiana) said this weather here feels balmy. They are halfway joking, but only halfway. And they all just grin and bear it. I say how it is freezing and how Florida almost never gets this cold. And I tell them how when I left Florida the high was 77 that day. They become very jealous of my life in Florida. 

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