22 January 2014

Perhaps this is...

Perhaps this is the destined hour
When hell shall lose its fatal power
And heaven itself shall bend above
To hail the soul redeemed by love.

- Emily Bronte

I tend to be a natural idealist. When something is presented to me, my immediate inclination is to think positively about it. To view it in a regard that hopes, rather than seeks to find fault.

I look at a situation and I usually shrug off anything negative and dig down to the positive that might have been overshadowed by the cloudy negative raining down upon it. But this is not the easiest way to go about life. I have learned how to make this view my first instinct. Why is it that there is something in us that wants to be negative sometimes? I have to fight it, too. It is almost like we want to bring others into that cloud of negativity so we can share in it? What is the saying? Misery loves company? Yes, something like that.

But I don't want to join misery's company. I am pretty content in my hopeful idealist vantage point. I see the horizon up ahead and I view the beauty of the possible. I see the stars and a ladder that is sitting nearby for me to climb up to them. I don't have to jump to reach the stars, but utilize the tools that have already been given to me. For I have what I need to keep going, keep growing, and be utterly content with all that God has given me. And I truly am.

I love how Emily Bronte phrases it (perhaps this is...) as a positive looking forward with hope. Because nothing we have here will satisfy our longing. But it is a glimpse of the better that is to come. Perhaps this is the destined hour....

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