27 January 2014

Reading Feast

When so much goodness comes my way (in the form of birthday gifts - books!), one can hardly contain oneself. If only I had more time in my days, I would be in these new books for many more hours than I currently get to be. This weekend I somehow kept so busy, but I made sure to allow some adequate reading time, snuggled on my sofa with a knit blanket. Sitting on the floor, here, with my coffee in the morning was cold. Golly, these cold floors.

It has been pretty consistently chilly in these parts, which is a rarity that I am trying to indulge and savor. We usually have a few cold days and then it warms up. A sort of roller coaster ride of temperatures. But it has been a constant temperature to my liking. And I am about to head to some much colder weather in St. Louis tomorrow. I think the low is 7 when I get there. This Florida girl isn't used to air that cold.

But I am not complaining. Seriously. I like the cold. There is something about the way it energizes me. I can hear your jokes already saying "energy to run from the cold to the indoors?" Ha. Your thoughts humour me. And when I am in the freezing St. Louis you can laugh. And I will smile.

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