23 January 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright

I don't often walk around my old college grounds, but when someone comes to visit me (like my mom and my "aunt" this weekend), I love to show them around and tell them stories about the architecture and college. I have always been very interested in architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright. I think Florida Southern College is a pretty special place.

This home (above) was just built. It was in the original plans for the college, for a professor to live in, and they pulled it from the archives and built it. It is a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home. A style he created and was well- known for. It is now a visitor center and you can tour it. I would like to tour it sometime, being the nerd that I am.

Inside the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Going up the tiny, shallow velvet covered steps to the balcony you pass the walls with coloured glass inserts. It is so beautiful how the light comes through all the colours. I have always like this about several of the building that have the feature.
 At the Administrative Buildings looking toward the Hollis Room. The famous low clearance esplanades. 
 More walls of light and geometric designs in the concrete walls. I love the detail. It's never boring.
From the balcony of Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

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