09 January 2014

Thoughts on Cold and Books

This cold morning made me smile. But I will admit, I did not want to jump eagerly out of bed today, away from the warmth of my lovely quilt. My apartment was frigid in comparison, but I soon fixed that (a bit) by turning on the heat (which is only in my living room). Shortly thereafter I was good to go.

A greyish sky did not completely cover the land, but dashes of light leaked through. I am okay with the overcast sky. I know most people crave sunshine, but I am not one who needs it all the time. For some reason I do not need bright sun in order to be cheerful. Gloominess creates the perfect atmosphere for reading in a coffee shop with a good cup of coffee and an imagination running free. My heart soars at the thought, actually.

Or....What is better than getting lost in a used bookstore while it is cold outside? The warmth of the books surrounds you and a maze of aisles and stacks of books cover every inch of the space. Seriously, what is better? So many worlds to explore, at your fingertips. Held in your hand. A dusty book with old pages and the best scent that drifts upwards as you open it. I don't know why- but cold weather makes me crave a used bookstore filled to the brim with books on books on books. Shelves so close together and as high as the ceiling. Maybe because it is the perfect kind of weather for coming in from the cold and exploring inside, and then finding a lovely spot to read the armful of books I would have purchased. With a cup of tea or coffee sitting at elbow's length.

I am always dreaming of books. Sometimes I think others may think me crazy. Certifiable. But the written word in the form of books holds a fascinating possibility as wide as the great expanse of our imaginations.

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