08 January 2014

In Wonder

Dreamy day, full of surprise;
unknown to me, but revealed in time.
Over the shoulder I glance behind
steeped in thankfulness.
That which I have passed through
strengthened my resolve and only
keeps me going, eager to pursue
the things that I love and will do.
Restrictions once held me coldly
with ties around my legs
and eyes fixed upon me boldly;
now my freedom sings not asunder;
my inspiration and passions
appreciated, and I muse in wonder.

Our lives are but a blink of an eye. A wisp of cloud that is set to dissipate. I have been working on cultivating a constant air of thankfulness in my heart and mind. It leads to paying more attention to what each day consists of, and recognizing God's blessings.

So where do we spend most of our precious hours each day? Probably at work for most of us. All I can say is, never again will I let myself stay in a work situation that is negative and does not promote my growth and creativity. If I am going to give you my precious hours each day, I want to enjoy being there. For the last 10 months I have finally come to realize what it is like to be appreciated at work, something that felt so foreign to me it was a surprise, day after day. I still muse in wonder sometimes at it. And it confirms my earlier proclamation, meaning, life is too short to be miserable at work. It is where there is encouragement that good growth springs forth.

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