14 January 2014

Jason & Renee

This was the weekend of my brother's wedding in Gainesville. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid. We stayed at the bed & breakfast where the wedding took place, and it was such a busy weekend I barely had a moment to take photos. But here are a few that I took.
 Our lovely cottage was a separate house behind the historic bed & breakfast. We had the cottage to ourselves and it was recently renovated and quite lovely. The old features added such charm to the place.
 Breakfast took place each morning here in the bed & breakfast. The homemade breakfast in an old Victorian style atmosphere was a treat.
Elliott loved exploring our cottage. She was a happy girl crawling all around with big smiles on her face.
Some of the family hanging out the morning of the wedding. It was really nice to have some relaxed time together before the day got hectic.
 The bride and groom's first dance. That room is such a lovely setting for a wedding. Even if that was plan B. The storm that came through decided that the plan to have an outdoor wedding wasn't going to happen, so at the last minute, we had to move the ceremony inside, but it truly was beautiful.
Some table decorations. I loved the lighting in that space. The twinkle lights outside. The candles and soft lighting inside. Perfect.

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