21 January 2014

Glimpses of Home

No home is perfect. every place has its flaws and quirks. I like to focus on the good things about my home, like the original wood floors from 1950, the archway between the kitchen and living room, the glass doorknobs, and white wainscoting.

But it is not the place that necessarily makes a home. It is the cozy feeling that can be created, no matter how stark the place is. I am blessed to have a little home that isn't stark, but has charm instead. I like that a lot. A place with history and charm definitely strikes my fancy over anything else.

I think no matter what place I live in, I can make it cozy and warm. A place that invites deep thought in a comfortable atmosphere. A place to welcome someone with a cup of tea. All it takes is a few clever ideas and a little bit of effort. What do you prefer in a home? When are you most comfortable?

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