02 January 2014


Behold! the light has pierced the darkness......

As I drove down to my hometown on Christmas Eve, I was thinking about how thankful I am for all the blessings in my life, and I had an interesting reflection.

As I drove south on I-75 I suddenly had a thought about how past events and decisions made by someone other than myself influence my life today. For instance, if my Dad had not rekindled his passion for cars (specifically BMW), I would not have this great job that I have now.

Think about how many connections have resulted in something that changes your life for the better. How a decision made years ago set the domino effect of situations to fall into place perfectly to bring something good about. Puzzle pieces that would not have otherwise fallen into place.

In my situation, when I was about 15, my Dad chose to pursue something he had set aside for many years while he raised his children (and spent all his spare money on us, rather than on his own wants), and decided to buy himself a BMW 635csi  so that he could follow his passion and meet others who enjoy what he did. If he hadn't re-energized that hobby, he wouldn't have taken my little brother, Tyler, to a German car show several times, and they wouldn't have met and become friends with Jordan, and my Dad wouldn't have suggested that I contact Jordan to detail my car, and Jordan and I wouldn't have become friends, and if we weren't friends, he wouldn't have suggested to my boss, Colin, that he contact me for the job. There is no way Colin would have known about me otherwise. And I am so thankful for my job.

Isn't it amazing how the puzzle pieces fit together?
All because my Dad decided to pursue something he loved.

Don't ever doubt the affect you can have on others by the decisions you make today, even something as simple as giving your greatest efforts to the things you are passionate about, and very talented in.

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