29 October 2013

A Ghoulish Gathering

My friend Emily hosted a Ghoulish Gathering next door in her little apartment on a cool, Fall evening a few nights ago. About 25 of Emily's friends and family came by to celebrate her birthday. What does Emily choose to do on her birthday? She chooses to cook an elaborate meal for everyone and have them over at her home! She's amazing!

Emily dressed up as a hostess. Her name tag says 'Ms. Halloween'. She certainly is quite the hostess; thinking of everything weeks in advance and timing everything perfectly.

Her menu included roasted pork shoulder with sage and coriander, cauliflower gratin, mini-roasted potatoes with rosemary, mini pear and blueberry spice cakes, foolish ghost bites, and apple cider. Every guest raved over her food, with good reason. She is a chef and she has a passion for food, which is so obvious when you taste anything she makes. She also has an ease of being extremely hospitable. The decorations in her home were darling and so creative.

Spooky music played in the background. The food covered her table, visible by spooky lighting. Watch out! There were playful plastic spiders all over the place. Two big tables were set-up downstairs outside as well for all the people. Nobody left with empty bellies. As the evening cooled down even more, a small bonfire started.

It was a birthday bash to remember!

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