17 October 2013

Faking Fall

I am doing my best. Here in Florida we have no choice but to fake Fall. Sadly, that is how it is. Even though the weather will not fully cooperate (okay- we have had lower humidity and temperatures that dropped a few degrees in the mornings and evenings, so it has been a nice relief) we still want to experience the season of Autumn. Honestly, I grow supremely jealous of all those northerners who are experiencing changing leaves falling to the ground and crunching under their boots. And their chilly air that causes them to put away all their Summer clothes and take out all their sweaters and scarves.We aren't doing that here! But I wish we were.

But then again, I suppose it would not be Florida if we were along the same seasonal patterns as the northern states. It would probably be a problem, since our latitude lines are pretty far apart. I am just the odd one here who wishes it to be more like a northern state.

So, I will fake Fall whenever possible. In the home (I light candles and have a little Fall decor), in the wardrobe (I have colours like mustard, cinnamon, and caramel) and meals I prepare (veggies roasted in the oven, sausage and eggs). A hint of Fall is in it all, even though it is still warm as ever outside. Soon it will come.

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