30 October 2013

Oxford Exchange (Again!)


Oxford Exchange. How could one not love this place?
Emily and I came here over the weekend to enjoy some brunch, coffee, browsing in the shops, tea, reading, and chatting. It was a lovely, bright day, even a little bit on the cool side in the morning.

Every time I go there and browse the bookstore, they have many different books that I haven't seen before, and it's such fun to see what they decide to put on the shelves. I like how they have not just the classics that you can find everywhere, but different versions and sometimes titles that are more difficult to find. I was really debating on whether to get a book of Evelyn Waugh's short stories and a P.G. Wodehouse that I had never seen before (I didn't get them, but maybe next time?). I think everyone can find something to strike their fancy in this diverse bookstore. I ended up getting a new version of Pride and Prejudice with the bold typography on the cover and a book of German phrases. Emily, the chef, bought two books on cooking.

This kind of place jives with my creative nature and it motivates me to try a new book or a new kind of food/drink in the restaurant, like a cortado, or indulge in the most delicious drink from the tea bar later, a lavender fog. It invites me to linger, and while I am here, it feels like I am in a big city somewhere in Europe. Until next time OE!

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