23 October 2013

Holy Is the Day

Surprised by Oxford is one of my favourite books. It is a memoir of Carolyn's conversion to Christianity, which took place in the most beautiful and inspiring city, Oxford, while she studied for her graduate degree in English Literature (sound like something I might dream of? Indeed, that is one of my dearest dreams). I have read that book at least 3 times (it was published a few years ago), and each time I read it, it speaks to me more deeply and wonderfully than the time before.

So, when her new book came out, Holy is the Day, I knew I would want to read it as soon as possible. Carolyn has a way of writing prose as if it were poetry. Her word selection is exquisite, and I am caught up in her story. My mind doesn't waver away in the breeze of the turning pages. It's more like I am eagerly turning the page to see what happens next.

In this book she starts by telling about a traumatic event that occurred in her life and how it caused her to deeply realize that life is truly a gift and everything is meant to be savored and enjoyed. She shares her experience as she began to write Surprised by Oxford, and the discouragement she received from fellow professors (at a secular college), because it was a "Christian book". I am inspired by her bravery to keep writing against all other worldly advice, so that many readers (like me!) could read her beautiful story of finding her faith (and letting herself be found by God) in Oxford.

I am not even halfway through, yet, but had to share about how much I enjoy reading this author. 

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