11 October 2013

New Morning

Morning light
fresh and new
sings in the day
with birds chirping
and the blue sky hue

offering us a song
of a new day
to embrace and enjoy
for it is a gift

Do we think about how each new morning is a gift? Or does your morning look like a frantic scene mingled with chaos so you don't even have the chance to think about how it is a new day?

Lately, I have been in the habit of saying thankful prayers as I get ready in the morning. 
To just let that be my mind's way of waking up. No matter where we are in life, whether up or down, we have plenty to be thankful for. I immerse myself in thankful thoughts and praise as I pick out an outfit, fix my hair, and brew coffee. I find when I set my mind in a positive and thankful tone from the get-go, my whole day is bathed in the light of going-with-the-flow, to where worry and stress have no place in my day. 

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