25 October 2013

My Kind of Weather

The sunset tonight is spectacular. The first chilly day since April (?) leaves us clearing skies tonight with horizontal stripes of clouds absorbing darkness and glowing with neon oranges and pinks. Against dark purple clouds above them, it is all the more dramatic in contrast. All in front of a clear, blank sky behind as the backdrop.

All hopes lie in that this evening will get even cooler as the sky clears.

This morning I awoke with a giddy feeling in my heart. The air felt different. It smelled different. With a chill in the air, my feet hit colder floors and a smile automatically grew on my face. I couldn't help it. I had too much fun deciding what to wear this morning. Do I wear boots? Or moccasins? Layers? Or just a sweater? Flannel shirt?

Yes. Flannel shirt and grey sweater over it. Black jeans and tall boots. Why not?

Looking outside, the sky was a gentle grey overcast. Nothing menacing. Just the kind of day where you know the sun isn't going to come out.

When I stepped outside it felt like England. And I loved it. It is the kind of weather that invites me to go on a long walk to explore, and stop for tea, and walk back. It asks for some adventure. I was made for this kind of weather. Further proof of that would come through a text from my friend Emily this morning. She simply said "It's Kacie weather today!"

Yep. That's a good way to put it. My kind of weather. Happy Autumn!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Emily! It's party time tonight!

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