18 October 2013

Recent Things

 I love living so close to the main library in town. I am a frequent visitor and have found books I never would have found otherwise, and I check-out seasons of Lost to watch, and shop in the bookstore, which supports the library! Winning all around!
When making a short trip out of town, like I did last weekend, there are some essentials I must have with me. Mostly, that includes my journal and a book. But many times that also include a camera and a hat, if there is a chance I will be outside.
The weather has been tolerable outside in the early evenings, with lower humidity earlier this week, so I have been taking walks around Lake Hollingsworth. I live so close to it I can walk down to the lake! I am trying to get back into my walking/ running regime. 
It is always in the Autumn and Winter that I get really busy with crochet projects. I am currently making something with this lovely wool yarn from England. Lately baby blankets have been the order of the day. 

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