21 October 2013

Blank Space No More

At last! I made a wall hanging for the big, blank space above my sofa. Made of scrap fabric and using my basic sewing skills (which is all I have), I now have some colour and texture on the wall, in an interesting, homemade piece that I can change as the season changes, if I so choose.

For the longest time I did not know what to do with this space. In my tiny apartment, this open spot is huge, but I was all out of frames and things to hang up. I also did not want to spend any money because, frankly, I am kind of cheap when it comes to decorations, so being creative was the best option. And I will gladly be creative, but it is a challenge for me when it comes to crafts. I do not have a lot of materials and I do not know much about crafting.

 I really do love simple projects that I can do in a few hours while listening to a CBC Radio broadcast on "C.S. Lewis and the Inklings" (in two parts). Click HERE for part one if you want to listen (I really enjoyed it. Alister McGrath and Malcolm Guite are spectacular to listen to on this topic). So, it was a great project for me! I love the way it turned out. Simple, pretty, and adding a splash of colour to the wall.

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