08 October 2013


A soulful stillness envelopes the space, allowing deep thoughts to brew and muse. A sweet scent rises from a candle burning and shafts of sunlight pass through thin, fluttery curtains. A bowl of perfect looking pears remind you that the season is changing. The air is in the process of being renewed.

A book in hand. Old. Scented with time-worn pages. The best smell in the world. Typed words on the pages resonate with history and you can touch them with your fingertips. Drawing your hand across the page, you realize the quality of that which is old.

A window seat offers a viewpoint of both worlds. Indoor charm can be mingled with outdoor charm from here. Whimsy fills the soul as lines are read from the book and after a while it is time for a stretch. An excursion outside to broaden the imagination. Leaving behind a solitude reverie, it is replaced with the thrill of trees, wind, and space. As the air brushes your skin you feel as if everything in the world was all right, even if for a few moments.

I was inspired to write a little bit about the charm of a home after watching this little video from Darling Magazine. Watch the video HERE.

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