09 October 2013

You Dwell in all the Leaves

You are the reviver of my soul
You are in the changing breezes
You dwell in all the leaves
The pleasant things we linger over
You are there too.

Remember to be thankful
For every little thing
It is a gift to behold
And I give praise as offering.

When we look at the little things of the world as God-created, it looks a lot more beautiful, does it not? When I think about the design of a leaf, its texture, its shape, how can we not stand in awe of a creative God? And that is just something so small. What about trees themselves? As I ponder the increased complexity of nature, we arrive at ourselves at last.

The most complex creatures, we are. How can each of us be absolutely unique? It is astounding. And yet we are all the same; made from dust. We cannot even comprehend the amount of microscopic atoms, cells, and genes that make up all of us. And then the independent thoughts and decision-making capabilities we have. Independent wills and the ability to sub-create. Are we not responsible for how we live?

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